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Originally Posted by Galls View Post
Noob Question:
I have to ask what makes Brooks so good? What makes the leather better than the synthetic saddles that have gel padding?
As always... Sheldon is still the man and saves me from having to write this twice.

Leather Saddles

I ride a lot and log as many km as many serious roadies and tourers and when you ride an average of nearly 45 km a day through the year comfort is really important.

I now have seven high quality leather saddles and the other six provide a good basis for comparison for the new B17 although the pain relief the anatomically friendly version offers already makes this saddle a clear winner.

Folks have been cutting and lacing leather saddles on their own for a long time and it is nice to see Brooks offering a pre cut and punched saddle as not everyone has the skills and tools to do this themselves.

I also have some really nice and very comfortable synthetic saddles but I know I will still have my leather saddles long after the synthetic ones have disintegrated and on that note... disposal of an old leather saddle doesn't have the same environmental impact as a plastic one as leather is organic and biodegradable and the steel can be recycled.
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