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i would think going from not riding to freeride would be a big transition...especially since you are a self proclaimed non-daredevil... plus even used $700 for a FR is gonna be tough to find.

the rockhopper is nice. it was$770 new if it is rim brake $880 new for the disc model if it has discs $675 seems like an ok price. pretending 2 full years deprricates a bike only $100 for the normal model seems like the guy is just unrealistic about it, made a mistake buying a bike he won't use and wants damn near all his money back... not sure how much he paid, but the stores near me are normally a little less than MSRP already and he could have gontten it a year old from the store which would put it close to the price he is trying to sell it.

all in all a nice bike maybe worth it for the disc model, but for $675 you might be ablle to get a new 07 at the store.
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