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Thanks for the post ChrisL...

I am new to road cycling, under 60 days new, and I commute on the road, in traffic 15.5 miles a day at the least. Am I affraid of vehicles? Nope, not since I took some great advice here in the forums on how to ride in traffic. Being a vehicle, even though it's a bicycle, means I have just as much right to be there, in a lane, turning left at an intersection, merging into the center(forward) lane from the right lane, etc.
Am I cautious? Hell yes! Do drivers of other vehicles get pissed off at me? Honk? Rev engines, cut me off? Sure, but's it's just not that often that someone does that to make me hang up my Lemond, or only ride paths or MTB.

Cycling responsibly=happy fun time 4 me...and don't even get me started on cycling on the sidewalk or gutter or wrong direction...BTW which nearly caused an accident involving myself, an irresponsible cyclist(going the wrong direction) and an SUV. Now THAT'S dangerous!
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