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we sat through a native clinic lol that's why i know so much..
but yea the extra lens kits that come with it aren't polarized, but at least each set comes with polarized lenses.

and i sat through the oakley clinic too. they put all their oakleys through these tests, like the light diversion test (they point two laser pointers at a spot on the wall, then put the sunglasses over them and if the lasers move it means light bends too much, causing eye strain to correct it) and yea THEIR oakleys passed their light tests and clarity tests, but when my coworker asked to test HIS out (he bought them at the brand new oakley store at the same mall we work at a week prior) they failed all the tests. the guy tried to say that's what happens with lots of use, well 180 dollar polarized flak jackets shouldn't ****ing fail after a week.

but yea natives have that wraparound style to them that i can't wear because my face is round and i'll look like a bug or something.
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