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Originally Posted by Buglady View Post
I don't want to sound harsh, but that applies to such things as grocery stores and public transit, NOT theatre events. Living life normally with a child means taking into account that some situations are not appropriate for children, and it's not at all the same as "livng life normally" pre-child.

I am not saying that children should be absolutely barred from restaurants and theatres - maybe the kids *will* sleep quietly, and that's fine - but the parents need to be aware of the potential for problems, and be willing to leave if necessary.
Well I don't know what business the parents had being at the show. Perhaps they had another child or family member in the show, I also said with in reason. Example, I went to a Dallas Maverick basketball game a few weeks ago, a mother had to keep getting up in front of me because of her child, it just happened to be Mark Cubans wife and daughter, I got over it.

To the OP yes I think people are getting less and less considerate, it gets worse when kids show up without their parents.
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