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TGMBG II,Pumped to be Stoked

We just got in a while ago from the TGMBG compound. The weekend was off the hook. We had a little rain but no too much,a bunch of good people and good times.Lots of cool bikes,wild dogs,good food and great riding. We had some new people this year,Mike and Anna, new riders but did really well. Jamie was a great rider(with a sick custom Banshee) that was a fun to be around.The regular cast of misfits were there as well. Hambone,Girlscout(AKA Flipflop),'66,Gastro,Highrevs,Braggi ,Wheeliemert,Brian. We had friends roll in and out of camp all weekend. We did'nt do as much riding as normal. My bum knee and gastros cankle slowed things down a little. It's cool becuse we don't guage our fun factor on how long rides are or how many miles we get in. We missed Never and N2bikeN and hope to see those guys soon.Sara,Kuno,Rocky,and Summer kept the camp safe......kinda. I'll relay stories as I remember them but I'll start with a few pics.

The compound........

We had a little wet stuff.....

and a little bed head....
Like a circus monkey on a stolen Harley......
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