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So am I frikken crazy?

So back on the 15th I ordered a 11-32 xt cassette and a wippermann connex chain, so instead of getting the normal level one that I intended to get, I accidently ordered their new high end chain 9SX, the one with nickle coated outer plates and stainless steel innerplates. Didn't realise this until today when I went to pick it up, that the full price for it was $100 without the xt cassette, was my mistake, not my boss' so I paid for it. This $100 chain better last me a long while. Kind of makes the $50 for an xtr chain sound cheap doesn't it.

Might have been a good mistake, from the little that I pedalled it today, the chain is mad stiff and gives the cranks a very solid feel when pedalling.
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