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Originally Posted by chipcom View Post
WTF does any of this have to do with YOUR statement that we need to 'do something' about people who don't wear helmets? I don't give a crap about "prevailing trends, political posturing, or inherent dogmas about what to do and what not to do, who's on who's side, what literature each side reads and so on", I just want to know why you want to screw with my personal choices?
Oh for goodness sakes can't you see that your and ILTB's backlash is exactly what I'm talking about? Are you even reading my posts? Let me spell it out VERY CLEARLY FOR YOU.

What I included in my original posts were EXAMPLES. I was not writing a decree for all to sign. Nor was I making some declaration of how biking aught to be. They were EXAMPLES. What I SAID was that INSTEAD of bickering about the details, we should focus on what we have IN COMMON.

Your response = The opposite of that.
Your response = Just the kind of CRAP that I was talking about.

Why don't you spare us a repeat of the last two posts, re-read what I've had to say, and then, be a sport, and offer something constructive. How about you put something on the table along the lines of what issue YOU feel we can all connect with? Cause that's the only way we will get anything done for cycling, IMO. And that's all I've been saying.
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