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Originally Posted by chipcom View Post
Why do you want to be destructive?
...I'm a priest! I'm here to serve life,
All you want to do is destroy it.

Ah, Father... You are so wrong.
Let me explain...

Zorg leads Cornelius into his inner office.

...would you like a drink?

No thank you.

Follow me.. Life, which you so nobly serve,
comes from destruction. Look at this empty

Zorg pushes the glass with his finger.

Here it is... peaceful... serene...
but if it is...

Zorg pushes the glass off the table. It shatters on the floor.


Small individual robots, both free-wheeling and integrated, come zipping
out to clean up the mess.

...Look at all these little things...
so busy all of a sudden.
Notice how each one is useful.
What a lovely ballet, so full of form
and color. So full!

They are robots!

A SERVANT comes in pours water in another glass. Zorg tosses a cherry
into it.

Yes but... by that simple gesture of destruction.
I gave work to at least fifty people today. The
engineers, the technicians, the mechanics. Fifty
people who will be able to feed their children so
they can grow up big and strong. Children who
will have children of their own, adding to the great
cycle of life!

Cornelius sits in silence.

Father, by creating a little destruction,
I am, in fact, encouraging life! So, in
reality, you and I are in the same business!
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