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Originally Posted by YULitle View Post
Sorry. I lost my temper. Let's just end this. I can't believe I got drug into this. Good day.
Positive recommendation: Think twice about your examples before trying to bring "us" all together in a consensus around what you think are "our" common needs.

It might help if you didn't make assumptions that all of "us" on BF (and more importantly cyclists everywhere else) share your alleged progressive/liberal ideas about "needs." Even more helpful for positive advocacy is not to make an assumption that only those BF members/advocates who share your ideas represent the total cycling population, nor represent the interests or agenda of anyone outside their own self centered clique.

To get back to the thread subject, it is just those type of assumptions about ownership of the only correct and proper agenda for cycling advocacy that have made the zealous Vehicular Cyclists Promoters so divisiveand ineffective.
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