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High standover heights?


As new entrant to the world of MTB I’ve been reading through many interesting of the posts on here.

I’m sorry if my first post touches on an already well covered topic - and Ihave searched through, but I do have a specific question I would like to ask.

I am in the process of getting a Giant XTC bike, my height is 5-11 and inside leg about 31.5”, the frame size I had mind was M 18”.

However looking at the Giant XTC geometry page:

(link now corrected)

and converting the dimensions to inches gives the standover height of even the XS frame to be just over 30”. Bearing in mind that a lot of people seem to say that you should allow yourself about 3” or more standover clearance, it seems that you would have to have pretty long legs to give yourself enough clearance to fit even a XS size frame – surely this cant be right.

I know that there’s more than just standover height to take in to account, but I a bit surprised by the seemingly high standover heights of these frames and am now a bit confused!


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