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Bikes: raleigh gran prix converted to fixed

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stolen bike...a two part

so my friend had his lock chopped outside of his work on 24th and 6ave in manhattan, he'd forgotten his u lock and didn't realize it until he was at work and locked with just a cable lock, he knows bad idea, don't rub it in, it was a white bridgestone kabuki(sp?) frame with black wheels(not deep v but something slightly similar) with black bar tap and chopped and flopped bullhorns and a front brake, if anyone sees it around the city knock the rider over or PM me about it. What sucks is that he'd gotten the bike for his birthday a month and a half ago, he has an old schwinn road bike that he's been riding as long as i've known him but loved his fixed gear as much as we all do.

what sucks furthermore is that he is literally the nicest guy in the world, he's the kind of guy that'll give you his shoes if you were complaining that yours were bothering your feet, he's the kind of guy that'll help you move out of your apartment from a sixth story walk up on a moments notice after having only known him for a week(true story) he's just an all around great guy.

what i'm trying to do now is get a new bike together for him, i have a few spare stems, brakes, handlebars, cables and brake levers but i'm in need of a frame(and HS and BB), crankset and wheels, i'm going to visit my parents in philly this weekend so i'm going to scour garage sales and thrift stores for frames(and hopefully a usable headset, BB and cranks) but if anyone on here in nyc or philly has any parts they can spare/share/looking to get rid of on the cheap please PM me and let me know, we need to lift ryan's spirits.

let me know,

thanks in advanced,

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