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Originally Posted by AZKakaAZK View Post
everyone is an idiot at one time or another. no exceptions. i can think of a bunch of better ways to scam a free frame though with no record of it being done on the internet. id like to think that there are nice people out there that just want to help their friends but maybe im wrong and everyone is a scamming idiot at all times...who knows?
Exactly. Also I was judging from the fact that soyboy said he has a road bike he's using for now and is looking for a decent frame. Well why not just convert the road frame to fixed if that's what he wants I'm sure any free frame given to him wouldn't up to par with his stolen bike or much different from his roadie. Just think it’s stupid to ask for a frame when he has a usable bike. Yea, stuff happens and if the little tike actually did get his bike stolen he should use his roadie imo until he saves up enough dough to buy a new frame and 2 U-locks

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