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I've been on BF for a little while, and I see all of you bickering about nothing, and it discourages me. My bicycling mileage has dropped, and I'm pretty sure you BF bickerers are to blame for that.

But now I'm past all that, and I'd like to share the light with you. I know we exchange ideas and our ideas collide, being liberals here... but we should agree to some core missions and work on that, instead of going on in the debate of the merits of these different ideas we all have. There are cyclists out there who don't dismount their bikes at each stop sign. There are car drivers that seem to eat more and more ice cream no matter how skillfully we pedal. These problems need fixing. I don't think whining about the nuances of pedal skills is doing jack spit to fix these problems.

NOTE: Bicycle dismounting and ice cream eating are just examples that I threw out there, and don't stand behind, of things we could HYPOTHETICALLY agree to as more important than our bickering. All I know is that I am past the bickering, and know we must agree to something. I have no idea what that something might be. As I said, those two examples were not things I believe, but just assumed that maybe you all would latch on to readily. Or that maybe no one else had thought to even try to find common ground here (I'm very smart, so I just assumed I was the first), and that with this new way of thinking (thanks to me!) one of you would come up with a real idea of something we could all get behind.
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