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I know this post is kinda old, but I thought I'd give it a shot and ask where you got that formula from?

I found these formulas by searching google, and created a nifty javascript calculator for my website. A website user pointed out that the higher a woman's weight is, the less calories she burns, so a 600 lb woman would burn zero calories when she works out. (this is for the female without VO2max calcs)

If you compare the male and female formulas, you can see that the male formula "adds" to the final value based on weight, whereas the female formula "subtracts".

Without VO2max
Men: C/min = (-55.0969 + 0.6309 x HR + 0.1988 x weight + 0.2017 x age) / 4.184
Women: C/min = (-20.4022 + 0.4472 x HR - 0.1263 x weight + 0.074 x age) / 4.184
weight is in kg

I am wondering if this is a typo, and really the female formula should be changed to say + 0.1263 x weight

Any ideas?
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