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Originally Posted by Raiyn
...and where does it say that? In the owners's manual? I'm curious because Specialized has been using 30.9 seatpost seemingly since the dawn of time, certainly since they started using 8 speed parts on Stumpy's.
I'm sniffing a little elitism here. Before I posting I double checked by measuring myself. 30.8 (digital calipers).
I posted here to find out. I don't mind being wrong. I've been taking apart and assembling bike since about 1970 and have built and custom painted 100's of bikes. Almost all road racing bikes, so that's why I was unfamiliar with the odd size posts that seem to be common on MTB's. Odd sizes (not 27.2) are still mostly rare on road bike with the exception of carbon and Tri frames. I'd rather try to make a smaller post work than a larger one.
There, so now you know the whole story.
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