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Originally Posted by digs
the area/school would be MIT... thanks for the replies thus far...
Leave the car. I'm at MIT. I've lived in a few places while I've been here so I've commuted from different parts of Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville, and a bike is the only way to go. MIT is very bike-friendly and very car-unfriendly, public transport varies depending on where you live but is always slower than riding. There is a bike garage on campus, some labs have their own little bike rooms, and a lot of people just park their bike by their desk. If you're going to be riding over the river, invest in some warm gear for the winter. The best LBS by far is Ace Wheelworks, about 2 miles from campus.

The biggest problem with riding a bike in Boston/Cambridge is the psycho drivers. I've been doing this long enough that I don't notice and I've never had an accident, but if you're new to riding in traffic you may want to stay on less congested streets (i.e. not Mass Ave) for awhile. Good luck.
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