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nyc hipsters don't do sports. they wear man shoes. i'm psyched. i still ride track bikes enthusiastically, so basically i'm corny. i should be walking around the lower lower lower east side, dazed look in my eyes, on pills or whatev, floppy suede hat.

and yeah btw, mullets are even older than mustaches, we're talking EARLY 2000's on the ironic appropriation timeline.

anyway my point is that there are no real hipsters in san fransicso - way too much health and enthusiasm out there. okay - now i'll go stick a fork in my eye in self-flagelation for my participation in this thread. just kidding, everything's, rad - i'm lovin' it.

bottom line - if you've been riding track since before 2005 you are O.G. you are hip. you are just doin' it. you are lovin' it. ummmmmmmmmm...
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