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I have a HTFU moment coming next week

Good friend asked me to join him at his house, ride to the massive group ride/race, then ride back to his house for a total mileage over 120.

Well, the mileage may or may not be a big deal. The deal is, he's a freak of nature and a lot of other freaks of nature will be joining him. A bunch of elite Masters Racers.

I see it going like so:
Barely hanging on to the ride there.
Getting dropped on the ride. Riding a lone for all of it.
Not finding the way back to his house.

Does anyone have a GPS I can borrow? Oh and if the Fuji isn't ready; does anyone have a slightly lighter bikes as well? Oh, and some faster legs, bigger heart and lungs, and higher hematocrit they can email me?

I'm in for such an arse kickin. Fun. Fun. Ffff for God sakes, someone help me out here.
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