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no one in bloomington normal gives a ****. especially the cops. that said, over in peoria i've been ticketed for having too bright head lights and not any reflectors. needless to say it was totally bogus and i didn't pay squat.

drivers in central illinois don't know what a bicycle is. if you are going to ride in traffic, which is highly unadvisable in this part of our great nation, do so in a group - a large group! i can't tell you the number of times i've been nearly creamed by central illinois drivers. my first year with a fixed gear was terrible because i rarely got to get it out on longer rides and i eventually had to bring down a geared bike so i could go out on local club rides for the group protection.

don't assume people around here will stop for you. if it's you or them, they'll pick you and since there are almost no laws in this state about hitting cyclists, chances are they'll murder you then go home with a $200 ticket. don't give 'em an opportunity!
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