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Originally Posted by LanceW View Post
My friends and i are planing a trip from Chicago to Milwaukee. Although we have found a path called Canal Path that starts in north chicago. From there we transfered over to the Green Bay Path. My question is to you guys...

How far up will the Green Bay Path go?
Once the Green Bay Path ends what trail or roads do we need to find?

Also, we are big beer fans... Does anyone have any suggestions for local brewerys that have a beer garden or pub attached.

There used to be an mapped route at http://www.wgtd.org/trailhome.htm but its gone crap.

I've done Chicago up to Racine, but not all the way to Milwaukee. You can do most of it on one trail or another. The Green Bay Path links up to the Robert McClory Bike Path, which links up to the North Shore Bike Trail which goes all the way to Racine. There is another path after Racine to Milwaukee. You'll be on streets for a while in Kenosha and Racine (no biggie). The trails are pretty good except for the parts going through the fabulous ghettos of Waukegan.

Breweries? I wish. The only one up to Racine of note is Mickey Finn's in Libertyville which is an easy sidetrip. On the McClory Bike Path take a left onto the North Shore Bike PATH (not trail) and go west a few miles to Libertyville.


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