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Alright, although I wasn't arguing with the need, just that since there is a mandatory insurance, why not just package it all up in a comprehensive policy and not make you purchase a secondary policy. That way, if you are hit by an insurance scofflaw, you're still covered.

I was more wondering what the point, beside additional profit to the insurance carriers, that is, to make them separate policies.

Originally Posted by zoste View Post
I'm not at all familiar with Oklahoma or Indiana...the laws or the driving patterns...but in and around Philadelphia, very nearly half the cars on the road have no insurance. That's right, HALF. If one of those driver's runs a red light, or a stop sign and injures you, you have no source of recovery for your injuries unless you have purchased uninsured motorists coverage. It is coverage for "pain and suffering" and has nothing to do with medical payments whatsoever (in Pennsylvania).

Here's another scenario - you're on your bike when some driver runs you off the road and the driver keeps on going. As the victim of a hit and run, you might be able to get your medical bills paid by your automobile insurance or your health coverage, but you recover nothing else (no recovery for your injuries) unless you have purchased uninsured motorist coverage.

THAT, my friend, is "the point". The law (in most jurisdictions) requires you to protect other people if you behave in a negligent manner. Why would you not protect yourself from other people's negligent conduct?

Please don't be too quick to drop ANY insurance coverage until you know exactly what it is you are dropping.
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