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I would also like to apologize for the thread hijack and to welcome Frib...that being said...

Originally Posted by WalterMitty View Post
This is pretty close to the details in OK. Other restrictions and limitations apply depending on how much liability insurance you carry. In the case of both the UM and UIM, if I also only carried the minimum coverage, my insurer only pays up to that amount; so it's the UIM (or 0 for the UM) + whatever my limits are = amount of coverage. If you carry fairly high limits you might get into decent coverage, but only if the crash is not your fault.
That is called "gap" UIM coverage and I think that it should be illegal for insurance companies to sell gap UIM at minimum coverages because they NEVER have to pay - the other guy's insurance will always be at least as much as your minimum UIM. They are stealing the premium and I agree that you shouldn't carry gap UIM at minimum limits.

Pennsylvania has "excess" UIM coverage, so even if you carry minimum, your coverage is added on to the primary coverage.

Originally Posted by WalterMitty View Post
Most importantly, go find an insurance agent you can trust and get the straight scoop for your zip code. I am not an Insurance Agent and I don't play one on the Internet
Me neither...and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night

Originally Posted by WalterMitty View Post
so get professional help.
Excellent advice...

Insurance seminar concluded. Be sure to turn in your receipt in order to obtain continuing ed credits
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