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Will America turn to the bicycle?

Well I don't really know if this is the right forum but here we go. Anyone think that America will start to turn to the bicycle now that our gas prices seem to be heading toward what europeans are paying?

Personally I just got back into cycling in the last 2 months. So far I have 550+ miles on my new roadie and I commute to work any day that the weather lets me, but now I am thinking of expanding that definition with the continued rise in gas prices. Luckly I am not vain and I drive a 4 cyl VW Golf rather than some gas sucking SUV or similar. Just got gas this morning on my way to work (36* was deemed too cold) and at $1.99 per gal I paid $25 for a full tank and got 35 MPG for that tank. Problem is that my wife drives a Nissan Maxima and she considers 26 MPG to be good, also we need something comfortable to take on trips so the Maxima seems ok but I would still like better fuel efficency. What sort of mid sized sedans or maybe SUVs are out there with >28 MPG highway numbers?

I guess I am going in 2 directions with this post: 1) will America find the bicycle? and 2) what larger cars get decent gas milage?
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