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What you have to really ask is, what are americans willing to sacrafice in their daily lives if it really came down to it? Because a car is a necessity.
I don't know if that's true. I wonder if we are being made to think it's a necessity to have a car. I don't have a car. Heck, I don't even have a license. It makes almost 0 sense to have one in the downtown core of Toronto (where I live). The cost of parking ranges from about $2/hr to $20/day. Insurance is extremely high. Additionally, when we moved into this area we checked out things that we would commonly use and what the distances were from them: within 10 blocks of 4 grocery stores (smaller local shops as well); public library within 6 blocks; major mall within 10 blocks; Farmer's Market within 10 blocks; public transit is 2 blocks for streetcars and 10 blocks for subway; train station is 20 blocks but easily accessed via subway; downtown airport is a short ferry ride away from the train station.

It's the big box stores that seem to drive the idea of smaller shops out of the "burbs". Everyone thinks they save but I wonder how much extra they spend on gas to get out to those stores? Add to that the idea that kids need to be doing things since they aren't biking/walking to school anymore (plus video games are far more fun). I personally believe there is a culture that suggests and encourages the idea of a car being a necessity.
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