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Originally Posted by Grasschopper
Well I don't really know if this is the right forum but here we go. Anyone think that America will start to turn to the bicycle now that our gas prices seem to be heading toward what europeans are paying?
Didn't you hear? America already turned to bicycling years ago?

Millions in this country are car free every year and have easy access to buses, commuter rail, subways and light rail. This is not Europe I'm talking about but right here in the U.S.A.! In fact, billions will be spent to subsidize these transit systems thus cutting back overall transportation costs for the working family. Unfortunately, you were left out and it's starting to hurt financially. I know exactly where your at because the moment I struggled to pay for gasoline, I was just about bankrupt.

Here's something to think about. Millions of people live in communites that are close to where they work giving them the option of biking or walking. I'm not talking about America pre 1890 but today! People are biking and walking to work every day of the year. We are saving loads of money with the billions spent on public transportation which is left at our disposal and from time saved not having to fight traffic. People are doing exactly what you want to do but can't?? This country is just fine as it is but you'll find that it's more a battle of the mind than anything else. Are you strong enough to make the necessary changes needed to break auto dependancy?

All I know is the America that you want exists today.

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