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I can remember biking to school back when I was 11 with my friends to school about a couple miles away. There were no worries back then about crashing without a helmet cuz if you did fall off your bike it was because "you were doing something stupid and deserved it" as my mom and dad would say. There were monkey bars to play on at the playground cuz the city didn't need to worry about getting sued by little Johnny's mom cuz he fell off them while hanging upside down. Your little league coaches worked your butts off, not having to worry about getting sued cuz little Johnny couldn't run worth poop. My parents didn't have to worry about my being a latch-key kid and the child protection agencies (or whatever they are in Canada, I forget) taking me and my sister away because we were home alone for a few hours. What has this world come to?

This lady will give her daughter a motorized scooter so she can zoom off to school a mile away? She probably wont even make her wear a helmet either since it may muss up her daughter's hair and she may be ridiculed at school and then end up with low self esteem which the mother will blame the school for. What would happen if her daughter were mugged for her scooter? Would that become the LBS's fault since they didnt warn the mother that these things are coveted and cherished by other kids? Come on now! This society we live in has become so self-indulgent, sue happy, fast food eating, no excersizing fat bastards, it's ridiculous!

Sorry for venting a bit!
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