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I bought a new bike, a Giant Cypress, this spring. I have 1800 miles on it. It came from the factory with Kendas with Slime in them. I've taken one puncture so far this year, a standard construction staple (from an Arrow staple gun). I pulled the staple out within 30 seconds of getting it. The green stuff started coming out at once; I rotated the tire so the puncture was on the bottom. 5 minutes later, the tire was flat. I pumped it up again, it went flat again.

Supposedly, Slime can seal up to a 1/8" puncture. In this case, it couldn't seal two 1/32" x 1/64" punctures 1/2" apart. About all it did was slime up the tube, so I had to clean the crud off before putting on a proper patch.

When I replace the tubes, it will NOT be with slime-filled ones.
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