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Wow. This is really a hotly contended issue!

There are some pretty good points made on both sides, and I think that helmets probably have their benefits AND drawbacks like anything else in life.

Where I come down on this is: I don't believe this is a black and white moral issue, or that anyone should be compelled against their will to act in what others see as their best interests.

I'll trust you enough to decide for yourself what is safe for you in any given circumstance and won't judge you if you if the same facts I have reviewed lead you to a different opinion than I hold.

I'll respect your right to do what you think right and proper.

I thank you for your concern, and for caring about my safety, only a fool would object to people caring about them, but I'll thank you to remember that I have considered both sides and am capable of deciding for myself and ask you to accord me the same respect I extend you.

Are there times I will choose to wear my shiny new helmet? Absolutely.
Are there times I will choose not to? Without a doubt.

Is it my right and business to decide? Indisputably.

Do I wish to discuss it or be subjected to any further well intentioned peer pressure or 'encouragement?'


So, While wishing everyone the most safe and enjoyable biking experience their circumstances and choices can create, I will simply chalk up any further helmet-related comments directed towards me as well intended, and move on without any comment of my own.

After all, even though we may not see things perfectly the same, we are all here talking about riding, which we all love; we have more in common than not.

And in my opinion, THAT'S what really matters, not making value-judgments on another's choices and opinions. Some of the sniping and belittling I have read in this thread from proponents on BOTH sides really saddens me.

Having considered all of it, and resolved to make up my own mind, I will add no further fuel to this fire.

Thank you all for your concern and opinions,

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