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Originally Posted by mcavana
never raced. never even seen a bike race (except tv of course) figuring on a generaly flat, 25 mile cat 5 race, what kind of average speed would one need to keep in order to stay with the average pack. Please work with me here, i know there are 1000's of variables.... just give me some ideas, so i can start to set some basic goals.

Thank you for your time,

mike cavanaugh
I've seen races that averaged close to 30mph, then others in the 22-23mph range. But as was already mentioned, it's being able to take it up another level if a break goes...

Sugggestion is to get the Carmichael Criterium workout video/DVD as a basis for how to prepare for a race. It's being able to accelerate yet keep your HR from see how you measure up, maybe try to ride with guys who race who can give you a feel for what you need to compete.

CATV races can be odd, in that there are not a lot of tactics, bike handling skills in a pack are not very good, and many think that the only way to win a race is to ride all out for the entire distance.
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