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Originally Posted by MMPC
I think I'll let you keep that technique - but I appreciate the idea.

Thanks for the compliments on the bikes - they've both served me very well. As for CO being heaven, I agree! I've been switching up between road and mtb, but find myself riding road the most as well. I typically go about 20-30 miles per ride around the Chatfield area or the South Platte River Trail. I also take the C-470 trail quite a bit but the traffic noise grates on the nerves. I would enjoy hitting the road with you sometime (will PM you) and don't worry, I'm not very fast either.

For mtb, I have yet to tackle any really technical trails - that's my goal for next season. Lair of the Bear looks like a great trail from what I've read on-line; how technical is it/how much climbing?

As for skiing - do you go downhill or XC? I'm thinking of getting back into XC this year (after about 15 years away, lol) and it's interesting to see how things have changed in ski design, etc.
I have the same feeling about the C470 Trail. I live about 1/2 mile from the trail (E470 and Jordan), but the noise of the freeway is somewhat disconcerting.

I love the entire Chatfield area, including the Platte River Trail.

You must also do Waterton Canyon. I leave from the back side of Chatfield on the mtn bike and go to the top and back. It is amazinglybeautiful! See "A Ride up Waterton Canyon." About 20 miles RT.

Have you ever gone west from the PRT on the Bear Creek Trail - that is a really fun ride, gives you a good climb over the Bear Lake Dam in Bear Lake Park?

If you haven't, you MUST do the lower CC Trail from Cottonwood south - you can now get to Franktown on the trail if you know what you are doing. You can then take the road all the way to Castlewood Canyon State Park. Soon the trail will go all the way to Castlewood CSP.
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