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Originally Posted by dobovedo View Post
I see you are in Portland, OR, so I assume you have regular climbing to do and use a triple (I guess that's what you mean by 3x9?).

But I do not understand the worry of 'constantly trimming'. How could that be any worse on a double than a triple?

Running a single chainring makes less sense, as you'd quite often be running an inefficient chainline and wearing out your parts, especially if you use the inside and outside cogs the most. Again... I'm assuming you climb and descend a lot.

Why not go with a compact? 34/50 is the most common. Then go with the same 12-25 or maybe go up to 27 or 28 if needed.
Okay, I will probably pick up a compact double. I have a 30-42-52 right now, and I am pretty much always on the middle ring. I guess I might enjoy a 34-50 with a 11-23 on the back.
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