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Originally Posted by reidconti View Post
They had people waving flags by the late hour I arrived at the 9 -> pierce turnoff. I do wish the course was better marked -- best would be just an occasional straight arrow to let you know you're on the right path. I often was 95% sure I was on course (and always was), but was frequently nervous that I might be off and 10 miles in the wrong direction.

The signs (where they had signs) were nice, but they outta be more unique so you know at a glance they're for us. The signs they had really required reading which is not so good at speed.

Speaking of flags, I saw that woman that went down on the RR tracks on hwy1. Was she one of us, or a Lifecycler? I hope she's okay. She was being loaded into an ambulance on a body board but that looked like a precaution. I don't think anyone hit her after she fell or anything. They had people waving flags just before the tracks, but I'm not sure if they were there before she fell.
They had a flag person when I got to the intersection too. I saw the arrow sign first, then saw the arrow on the road, so I was able to see it clearly. But then again, I'm familiar with the roads, so I knew where to turn.

I didn't know there was a woman that went down by the railroad tracks. I do remember someone yelling out about tracks at bad angle.
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