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Now THIS is a helluva commute!

While out running some errands in my family minivan this afternoon, and I spied a lone bicycle tooling down the road... a fully loaded tourer. Front panniers, rear panniers, bed roll strapped onto the rear rack... and everything about this kid just screamed "distance".

I pulled into an empty parking lot up ahead and flagged him down as he passed... just to talk for a minute or two and to see if he needed anything to make his trip go easier.

His name is Chris and he is a college student in Savannah, Georgia and he just got out of school for the summer... so he decided to ride his bicycle home. Home to Dallas, Texas.

He assured me that there was nothing that he needed... as it turns out that he is pretty independent and is ninja camping along the way... he has estimated covering about 70 miles a day and he just finds a stealth camping spot to overnight. He will be heading over towards Columbus, Georgia next... so you guys watch for him to pass through on the way to Texas!

He hopes to be home in about 16 or 17 more days.

Now that's a long distance commute. God speed, Chris!
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