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Memorizing License Plates

As I was descending Mt. Tam today I got passed dangerously by a guy in a red BMW. I wasn't going slow, but probably just under the posted speed limit of 35 mph. I was using the whole lane when the guy passed (it was a curvey part of the descent) and I had no idea he was behind me. No warning whatsoever from him, just whoosh......... about 6 inches from my handlebars. I could have very easily veered into his path before he passed. I sped up and got his license plate number before I let him go in case I happened to see a CHP cruiser. I sometimes try to practice getting quick glimpses of license plates and memorizing them to kill time on long solo rides in case something like this happens.

So my questions are: If I had been able to flag down a CHP and given them the description of the vehicle and license plate number, what would they do with it in this situation? Pulled the driver over and given him a warning? Would it go on the drivers record? Would law enforcement care or give me the "We'll see what we can do" treatment.

Anyway, I still think this little memorization skill is a good one to have. You never know.....

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