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Originally Posted by cccorlew View Post
My guess: You'd be ticketed for annoying an on-duty officer. Perhaps beaten as well. Certainly your bicycle and cell phone would be confiscated. You would get points on your license. It would go in your permanent record. The driver would be offered police protection. Your employer might be notified. You could be barred from voting in future elections. long as it doesn't effect my credit score I guess.

Seriously, I started this habit (quickly memorizing plates) last year after a SUV full of teenagers pulled up slowly beside me on Paradise Drive and sprayed winshield wiper fluid on me. It got on my face but luckily I had my shades on. For some reason I decided to chase them (Not sure what I thought I would do to them if I caught up.........spray/throw water bottle at them? Stupid). After they took off I spotted a CHP in the parking lot of Blackies Pasture off Tiburon Blvd. eating lunch (In-n-Out...mmmmmmm) and gave her the story. She seemed sympathetic and interested in the description of the SUV, but I was so angry I forgot to notice the plates on it. Wasn't really anything she could do at that point.
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