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Warning: Mine is last years' model, so my info may not apply to this new design.

I use the larger model DXP and LOVE it, but I have one thing to report and one complaint.

Report: After less than a year's use I've already got a hole at the bottom of one of the panniers. I think it happened when I laid the bag down on some pavement, or else it's the result of wear-and-tear. Regardless of which caused the hole, I think that's a short life span.

Complaint: The top of the bag has a zippered area with some pockets inside it. Unless the pocket inside the main compartment, these pockets don't have eleastic to hold them closed. I tried keeping my badge for work in one of these pockets but gave up after the badge kept flying out of the open top. Poor design, but I'm picky about this stuff.
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