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Originally Posted by msincredible View Post
This reminds me of something that happened soon after I moved to the Bay Area.

I was cycling to school, and was in downtown Palo Alto.

I was in the lane and signaled to turn left, as there was a car about a block behind me.
Well, they decided to zoom up and pass me on the left.

I had just moved out from Connecticut and spent quite a bit of time in NYC, so I decided to give him the birdy, which is so common in NY it's practically the same as saying "good morning" to someone. I held it up long enough to make sure he saw it.

He apparently took that quite amiss, so he came around the next block, stopped, jumped out of his car and got in front of me. He waved his fists in my face and screamed at me. He didn't end up hitting me, but he did shove me (straddling my bike) and knocked me over.

As he stormed back to his car, I called out after him, "Your license plate # is XXXXXX and I'm calling the cops."

Well, this was in the days before cell phones were commonplace, so I didn't have one, and I unfortunately forgot it a few minutes later, I was too upset.

I was also upset that the bystanders hanging out in PA just stood there and watched and didn't intervene or say anything.

Beats having bystanders stand by and laugh while you get mugged. Real story.
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