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wool sweaters from the thrift store are the cheapest bestest commuting wear i have found so far.

i have three seperate ones in different thicknesses that will let me go anywhere from 50 down to 30 degrees with a long sleeve jersey underneath.

a full-zip fleece vest is the only other protection i wear over the top if its gonna be windy (the vest zips up and protects my neck).

in cold rain i break out the northface, and prey i don't fall and ruin a 200 dollar jacket.....

down bottom i'm in spandex shorts till 50 degrees. colder i put on tights over spandex good till like 30. extreme cold gets these mtb pants i got cheap (since they are windproof, they are hot as h@ll and i wouldn't even consider them if it is gonna go much over freezing.

best deal is the thrift-sweaters which should never cost more than 5 bucks, just make sure they are all wool and not some other crap!
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