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Although I have, over the years, accumulated the specialized cycling gear, I started off using what I had. Don't get carried away with bundling up too warm initially but carry an extra layer for emergencies. You probably need less than you might think, definitely less than what you would wear for walking around. But you need an extra jacket or something in case you have a flat or just realize you underestimated how cold it was. You probably need less on your legs than you think, except for your knees which need more. I am quite comfortable at around 30 with knicks or knee warmers, but I slip a couple of rectangles of fleece under them in front of my knees to keep them a little warmer. I start wearing knee warmers when the temps get into the 60s. You knees will almost never feel cold, but they need particular protection precisely for that reason; there isn't much circulation in your knees.
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