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Originally Posted by trelhak View Post
I've touched down a couple of times, but never on my 'proper' track bike.

The keys is are 1.) proper bottom bracket height 2.) proper crank arm length 3.) proper pedal Q factor

With a proper track (or even semi-tarck) bike's bottom bracket, 165mm crank arms, and narrow track pedals, you should lose the front end way before you ever touch down.
What is a semi tark bike? Is that like a tractor trailer bike?

I've scraped pedals more times than I can shake a stick at, and it's never caused a crash (yet... fingers crossed). It's happened to me on high-zoot road bikes, my commuter bike, and conversion bikes, while making u-turns, pedaling through corners, racing, whatever. Usually it happens a few times with a new bike until I learn how far I can take it. My current roadie is terrible, I am so disappointed to not be able to pedal through fast turns anymore.

On my real track bike it is pretty hard but not impossible to get the pedal to touch down. It happened once on purpose when I first got it, and was trying to learn how far it would go making figure 8s on a basketball court. Good cleated bike shoes with decent pedals help a lot. Good road/track pedals stick out less than bmx, mountain, or (gasp!) platform pedals, and are less likely to scrape.

True track bikes have high bottom bracket, as has been pointed out. This makes an enormous difference.
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