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Originally Posted by andygates
Jesus, you must live in a war zone. For urban riding I've found the following works: fit security skewers instead of quick-release; replace your seat bolt with an allen bolt; use removeable lights; fit mudguards for the unsexy visual effect (!). I have never, ever, heard of someone stealing a derailleur from a locked bike!
These methods have been effective for me, plus locking in high traffic areas. A Store manager might ask me why do I lock my bike at the front door "right in the way of hundreds of customers" instead of back in the alley behind the store. My answer is "because now my bike is being seen by hundreds of customers instead of being out of sight, back in the alley behind the store".

The bikes that I lock, and let out of my sight are all old, and show their age (the crook is thinking..."what good is a six speed freewheel?"). Old bikes may steer crooks to the shiny new bike further down the rack.
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