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their rep doesnt matter, those skewers, when installed properly are practically hell to defeat. I've had some cocky folks try, but all they did was get themselves pissed off trying to prove me wrong.

Basically, the fixed end of teh skewer is rounded just right so you cant get a good spot to grind nor a good wrench grip. The locking end has a special cutout for the key, which requires all 3 pins to be in their spots, otherwise your gehtto tool will slip out upon application of force. The shaft of the skewer is meant to be trimmed flush with the locking portion, making the superglue+nut exploit impossible (this is how incorrectly installed krypto skewers are nearly as bad as QRs...always cut the excess shaft).

their are ways I can come up with to defeat them, but it requires time and a good amount of ingenuity to come up with it.
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