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Ever heard of a Velosolex La Parisienne?

I bought it for $40, spent $160 for a tune up and have been riding it for over a year now. The rims are about to go though. The is a terrible wobble in the back wheel, and it seems as if my rims can only be trued so much at this point, according to my local bike mechanic, whose opinion I trust.

I want to fix this bike. It is the frame. I love this frame. I just want to simply the whole thing. I really enjoy it for what it is, but... to simplify. That's what I want...

OH! But a question: is the fact that this bike is French going to be an issue when it comes to parts and measurements? I'm still a novice when it comes to understanding bikes, but I'm eager to learn, especially considering my car just died and I am averaging about 100 miles of commuting each week all on my bikes. So I need to start learning more real quick.

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