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That's about the current temperature regime for my commute, so here's my typical suitup and ride:

Above 30 in the morning, generally just a base layer of an UnderArmour clone mock turtleneck and a longsleeve tshirt. Bib shorts on the lower half with a set of compression shorts underneath them.

Below 30 in the morning, same as above with maybe the addition of a shortsleeve tshirt in the mix. Still in the bibs.

Around 25 I'll add a pair of UnderArmour ColdWear leggings over the bibs.

At 20 I'll go to a slightly heavier longsleeve shirt and pull on my UnderArmour Cold Gear hood. Maybe I'll don the neoprene overshoes, but more often then not I'll just keep pedalin along in my Cannondale clogs and thin socks.

For my hands, just a cheap set of thin gloves.

For rain I wear a cheap waterproof windbreaker. I got the pants somewhere but I never use em. I've got to remember to bring an extra set of bibs, shorts and socks to leave at work for when I take a good soaking. If I work at it, I can get just about everything dry for the return trip, just takes some strategic placement of wet items near heat sources.

For illumination I'm using a handlebar system from www.bicyclelights.com, four hours run time at 5w with the ability to use another 15w. Also have a 10w helmet mounted system for the same source.

Most of my clothing came from the evil empire of Wally-World, except for the UnderArmour gear which was dirt-cheap off Ebay. WW carriers the Starter brand which makes the DriFit and DriStar lines of clothing. Generally aroun $10-$12. Shirts and such I have a 4 or 5 of each. Pants, two pairs. Bib shorts, to many.

My commute is 21 miles round trip, mostly rural backroads.
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