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The ride was yesterday and it was great. There were over 900 riders at this event. The rain held off, but it was VERY hot. The rest stops had plenty of water and gatorade. The support team was very helpful to those in need.

The only mishaps for my team were minor. My brother got a flat on his truck on the way to my house so I had to get rescue him cause he didn't have a spare. Shortly after the starting line my sister's boyfriend had a little chainsuck issue ruining 2 links of his chain. Luckily, (thanks to suggestions from the commuting forum) I had my chain tool and the extra links of chain I kept after replacing my old one. Other than the fact that my chain tool is a POS, the repair went smoothly.

So other than that, the only thing that wasn't totally wonderful was this one guy... He wasn't part of the event in any way, just someone out riding in the park. He kept going up and down the road yelling at people. One time someone in front of me was passing someone. The person passing said, "on your left" and waited for the person to respond. He then started to pass. The guy who likes to yell at people buzzed by me with inches to spare and no warning, yelled something while he was next to me, then yelled at the guy who was passing "single file so cars and bikes can pass!!!!" while almpst hitting the guy.

The next rest stop was full of people complaining about this random guy.

It was a great time, and I didn't let one person spoil it for me. There was another person who offended me, but I won't dignify that with a rant. No sunburn and we all stayed hydrated. We were sweaty, but we had a great time.

Too bad I remembered my camera and 4 sets of batteries, but forgot the memory card!! Oh well, my sister got a couple pictures so maybe in a few days I'll post them.
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