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NorCal, help me pick a SLR camera

Why am I asking here, well, you guys are friendly. I've seen what happends to newbies asking questions on other forums and it ain't pretty. much like the "I've never ridden before, what road bike should I buy" in the road forum.

Anyway, I know some of you guys are photo buffs. I need a new hobby and is considering getting a Digital SLR.

So I am a Canon who12e. The 2 cameras I'm eyeing are the new Canon XSI, and the 40D.

My dad has a 30D but he won't let me play with it. All I really want is an entry level camera I can take around and learn. Yet, when I do better, I don't find myself "needing" another body, just spend all my money on new glass.

Any thoughts? the 40D is more expensive, but I hear it's better at action shots. and in general has better features. better kit lense.

XSI is newer, lighter, and the reviews so far are saying it's not that far from the 40D. kit lens is improved over the XTI.

I might even consider XTI if someone can talk me into it.

Thanks in advance.
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