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Originally Posted by PrincessZippy View Post
My husband just got the 40D instead of the XTi. For him it came down to the feel of the camera. It had too much plastic and was too small. His previous SLR was a 1D MarkII. Yeah, very, very nice - stolen when our home was burglarized 18 months ago. He got some amazing shots with that camera, but it was heavy and on hikes, guess who was his Sherpa. He spent the last 18 months trying to love the non -SLRs we replaced it with. But he just couldn't always get the shots he wanted

Best Buy had both cameras he was looking at. Playing with both of them made his decision easier.


PS If you buy expensive camera gear or watches on Craigslist, make sure the seller has the boxes and receipts. We watched, helplessly, as all three of his stolen watches got sold on Craiglist. The camera gear was harder to spot, but I suspect it also was sold on Craiglist.

thanks, I did play around a little with my dad's 30D, it felt pretty solid. I'm assuming the 40D is close. I did pick up a XT at Bestbuy, felt a little like a toy. I don't know, my friend offered to give me her kit lens from the XTi so all I'd need is a body. but being a tech geek, I always want the newest. Damn, maybe I should pick a cheaper hobby, cycling is bad enough.
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