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Two things come to mind:
First, what are you washing along with your cycling shorts. In my case I wash all my cycling gear in the same load - wicking shirts, cycling shorts, and during the cooler times of the year my tights and long sleeve jersey. None of these items produces much in the way of lint. I also wash with detergent (tide), and put Fabreeze in the bleach cup, and wash without fabric softner as that will interfere with the wicking fabric. I run the load as white so that the Fabreeze gets rinsed through sometime during the wash. This realy help remove the sweat stink.

Second, what kind of machine do you use? The older top loaders are infamous for shredding your cloths. Having grown up in Europe I never understood why you'd want to have a top loader. Its a bit like using an old fasion washing board and rubbing you cloths on it really hard. I do have a front loader (thanks to my in-laws as a VERY nice wedding gift) and that makes a difference as they are much more gentile with the cloths. As a side bonus I end up using less water and electricty. If your shorts are getting shredded consider the gentile cycle or just hand wash them.

Happy riding,
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