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Some folks would have you believe that you cannot possibly take a good photo with the kit lens. This is total BS. 90% of photography has nothing to do with the lens or the camera, but rather scene composition, working with lighting, selecting an appropriate exposure, and post-exposure processing. No camera or lens is going to make your photos better if you don't have these basics down; same as how Red won't make you any faster than Rival.

Don't sweat it. Use what you have, and learn how to shoot, given the peculiarities of SLRs versus other camera types. Make other lens purchases based on your actual needs rather than L lens superstitions. People really get hung up on that stuff. Sure, if you have tons of cash to blow, go all out. But I suspect that's not the case or you would have picked up a nice 1DsIII with a fleet of L lenses already.
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